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Right on the coast of lake Nirza is located wonderful ‘’russian’’ bath, which really is the soul and heart of our complex of rest. Its gorgeous log building is in perfect harmony with clearest water and whole atmosphere of country landscape reigning here.

Soon as you step on the doorstep of our bath, same moment you will appear in the power of most thin scents, exhaled by herbs, tincture and decoction of manual collection and preparation. All this is prepared by old recipes on clearest, from ecological point of view, material. Vulnerary effect of phytotherapy you can experience on yourself by trying most delicious herbal tea, making facial and hair mask, taking a session of massage using essential oils. You can enjoy all this during procedure of bath and while waiting for it.

1 hour our later after your order everything will be prepared! In the oven firewood is crackling, in the basin glowing brooms! Bath, which is heated with firewood, can’t be prevailed by any other bath! Experienced bathhouse attendant, who fully manages his handicraft, will soar you with three types of brooms: birch, oaken, linden. After this procedure you will yourself renewed and full of life power and energy. Since old times is known magic power of bath broom. Oaken broom – makes skin mat and elastic. Scent of oak prevents arterial pressure from elevation. Birch broom – helps for pain in muscles and joints. With its tincture can wash hair and make them stronger. Linden broom – perfectly removes headaches, at cold diseases it doesn’t have equal. Not without a reason our ancestors said: ‘’Bath chases away any disease out of body!’’

In a spacious hall you can not only relax after hot steam, but also to lay the table for yourself and your guests, where we will help you with pleasure. Here can take seats 15-20 people. Our kitchen will also please you.

Amazing view of lake and its vicinities opens from terrace of bath. From bath itself is going pier into the lake, from which is soo pleasant to dive in after hot steam! Crystal clear water of lake will help to make stronger effect of healing, which by all means you will get in out bath. It is necessary to notice, that lake Nerza is famous not only with its clearest water, but also by presence of rare blue clay in it. Exactly this product is used in every possible rejuvenating cosmetic means. But at our place you can get it in a clean way, right from depth of reservoir. Taking bath of clay in most blessed way will affect the condition o fall your organism.
Welcome to our bath any time of the year.

4 hour - 80,00 Eur
Each next hour - 25,00 Eur